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It's kind of like ProPresenter in your pocket...

Non-Linear Control (for when 'Next' and 'Back' aren't enough)
Organize Presentations into Playlists
Search and Display Lyrics, Bible Verses and YouTube videos on-the-fly
MIDI I/O: Control your lighting console, trigger slides via Ableton, etc
Attach 'actions' to slides: Labels, MIDI triggers, timers, webhooks
Link your Planning Center Services account to import Plans and Lyrics
Still not impressed?
  • Control on your iOS device while presenting fullscreen on an attached display/TV/Projector (via an HDMI/VGA adapter or via AirPlay Mirroring). OR go fullscreen on your device for one-on-one presentations
  • Playback Lyrics/Text, Videos, Images, YouTube videos overlayed on background videos/images
  • Independent control over Foregrounds and Backgrounds
  • Stage Display: View plain text for the current and next slides on your control screen while displaying full output on an external screen
  • Import, edit, and sync text between devices
  • Time-Based Triggers: Schedule the launch of a specific presentation: slide
  • Customization: From the size of slide previews, to the transition duration of foreground and background elements, to the order and number of search results, tailor your experience to your liking

For nearly two decades ProPresenter has been my go-to presentation app for Church, Camps, Living Room Worship nights, Workshops, and more. It's an incredibly powerful and flexible tool, but in my humble opinion, it not always been 'portable'.

The devices in our pockets have evolved into multi-media powerplants in recent years and I found myself wondering why there wasn't a "ProPresenter for my phone"? So I whipped one up to use for various classes, seminars, worship nights and youth services, and over the last few years it has become our go-to tool for 'low-pro' presentations. And since caring is sharing, maybe it's time i shared it with you?

* I am not affiliated with Renewed Vision / ProPresenter. I'm just a BIG fan with a little plan.


(Disclaimer: I went to High School in the 90's).

As I was thinking about what to call my little app that displayed slides on the big screen, I remembered some lyrics from Coolio's throwback hit, "Fantastic Voyage" - "Slide, slide, slipity slide.", and I was like, that works ;).


I think of Slipity as a 'lite' version of Pro3, with a few extras thrown in. But this is just the beginning! In addition to improving/expanding current features, here are a few ideas that may work their way into future releases:

  • CCLI Songselect Integration (This is our most requested feature! CCLI is not currently accepting new integrations while they rewrite their API. I've been on the wait list for a little over 14 months, but I continue to check-in with them regularly so stay tuned!)
  • Cloud Sync Media across multiple devices.
  • Templates for song lyrics, bible verses
  • Alerts and Customizable Countdown Timers
  • Foreground Editor: Build foreground slides with multiple elements in a layered environment
  • Support custom aspect ratios for output
  • Third-party Media Integrations: Unsplash, etc
  • More Bible versions

What else? Let me know: hello@slipity.com

* Slipity capitalizes on some technologies that are unique to the iOS/iPadOS platform. If you're looking for a presentation app for Android, check out WEE PRESENTER.

Made with by josiah in AZ .

Josiah Oslund

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