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I take privacy very seriously. I believe the best products are created by listening to clients' needs rather than tracking your usage.

My commitment to you:

  1. I/Slipity will never track or monitor how you use, the Importer tool, or the Slipity app.
  2. I/Slipity do not use cookies of any type*.
  3. I/Slipity will never share or sell any of your information or data (actually, it would be impossible since we don't collect any).
  4. If you reach out to me for any reason (assistance, feature requests, chili recipe, etc) any information you provide will only be used for the sake of it's intended purpose.

For Importer functionality we utilize Google Firebase's Realtime Database and Authentication cloud services to keep your data private, redundant and performant. We never see your email address - Firebase Authentication provides Importer with a "Unique Identifier" upon successful login. This is what we use to associate your data with you.

Learn more about Firebase Privacy and Security HERE.

If you have any questions please let me know!

Josiah Oslund (creator of Slipity)

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